Battlefield Ninja Dojo (STW building)

Battlefield Ninja Dojo

Requires: Produces:

The Battlefield Ninja Dojo produces small units of ninja trained in the art of battlefield disruption. They use their stealth and skill at arms to get close to and eliminate key enemy units, generals and even Daimyo. Used in this way they can turn the tide of a battle.

Extra info:
The Battlefield Ninja Dojo extends the teaching of the black arts of the Ninja beyond the usual skills of spying and assassination. Instead, the units of this dojo are taught practical fieldcraft that allows them to hide and act as “special forces” on the battlefield. The Battlefield Ninja that are trained here are a force to be reckoned with!

The Battlefield Ninja Dojo requires a Sword Dojo (of any kind) and an Infamous Ninja House to be present in the province where it is constructed.