Sword Dojo (STW building)

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Sword Dojo
Requires: Produces:
  •    Large Castle
  •      Legendary
    Swordsman event 

The Sword Dojo can be founded only when a Samurai achieves Legendary Swordsman status, usually after many battles. The School trains Samurai in the Way of the Sword, particularly the long two handed sword called the No-Dachi. No-Dachi troops are very offensive but lightly armoured.

Extra info:
The sword is the weapon mostly closely associated with the samurai, and mastering its proper use takes time and endless practice. Many schools of swordsmanship existed in Japan, and adherents of particular styles were not above duelling against one another to prove who was the best. Even Miyamoto Musashi, the sword-saint, killed his fair share of opponents when he was young in such duels, largely to prove that his particular teachings were the best method of using the sword…

A Sword Dojo can only be built when a samurai in the daimyo’s army has become a legendary swordsman by killing many opponents in battle. This is one more good reason for making sure that troops not only survive, but also prosper!

Just like a Horse Dojo, a Sword Dojo cannot be built at smaller castles, but once constructed it can be used to train No Dachi Samurai units. It can also be improved to famous and legendary status.