Assembly of Taluqdars (ETW building)

Assembly of Taluqdars
Category: Government
Form: Constitutional Monarchy
Level: 4
Turns to build: 6
Building cost: 4500
Assembly of Taluqdars
Etw ind city government lvl4.png

Subadar's Council
Etw ind city government lvl6.png

Parliament of the Castes

This is the beating heart of the nation, where the representatives of the people meet to form a government for their sovereign.

An assembly of the great and good passes laws in the monarch’s name for the good order of the state, and not all these laws will be necessarily those wanted by the monarch. A good deal of hard-headed bargaining between the sovereign, his ministers and the parliamentary assembly ensures that while no one is ever entirely happy, no one is ever entirely excluded from the exercise and benefits of power. The assembled representatives allow the monarch to collect taxes and, in return, the state protects the liberties of subjects. The monarch is as bound by laws as his subjects.

Despite the involvement of the people in government, there need be no broad franchise. Property requirements, social class and religious affiliation often limit the entitlement to a vote. However, that the monarchy bothers to consult its subjects even to a limited extent is a remarkable thing: the sovereign has ceded power to the people and stuck by this contract, recognising that mostly-willing subjects are better than unwilling slaves cowed into obedience.

This building can only be built in the faction capital.