98-gun Second Rate (NTW unit)

98-gun Second Rate
98-gun Second Rate
Accuracy: 30
Reloading skill: 20
Hull strength: 3470
Speed: 13
Maneuverability: Low
Morale: 12
Turns to build: 10
Recruitment cost: 2130
Upkeep cost: 530

A 98-gun second rate ship-of-the-line is an over-gunned standard design: a powerful addition to any fleet.

This three-deck warship is a modified “second rate” ship, and the addition of extra guns alters the balance of the vessel and consequently its handling. While a normal second rate is somewhat lumbering, this ship is even less handy and responsive to the helm. The benefits in terms of additional firepower do, however, handsomely compensate for a loss of manoeuvrability.

Historically, the 98-gun ship was created by simply adding extra guns to the quarterdeck and increasing the weight of some of the other cannon. However, few nations chose to commission original ships of this type, preferring to build normal “first rates” instead. Only the Royal Navy bothered, as it needed large ships to act as flagships on overseas postings. Nine 98-gun ships were ordered during the French Revolutionary Wars, including HMS Boyne and HMS Union, both ship names emphasising loyalty to the British Crown.

Available for:

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Great Britain

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