2nd New York (ETW unit)

2nd New York
2nd New York
Category: Infantry
Class: Line Infantry
Men: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160
Range: 70
Accuracy: 40
Reloading skill: 25
Ammunition: 15
Melee attack: 6
Charge bonus: 9
Defence: 15
Morale: 9
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 1
Recruitment cost: 1190
Upkeep cost: 290
Building (minimum level)
Etw eu town military lvl3.png

Etw eu city military lvl4.png

Military Governor's Barracks

These musket-armed troops use massed volleys to break an enemy, relying on discipline to withstand any counter-fire.

Marching or line regiments make up the majority of units in European-pattern armies. They are so-called because they form the line of battle, not because they deploy in lines. They can also form square, a particularly effective tactic against cavalry charges, although this leaves the unit incredibly vulnerable to artillery fire and skirmishers. This weakness aside, the versatility of a line regiment makes them a valuable addition to any force.

The 2nd New York regiment was raised in 1775 and placed under the command of Colonel Philip van Cortlandt. The van Cortlandt family history was already impressive: Philip’s great grandfather was the first American-born mayor of New York and the family name was used for various place names across America. Colonel van Cortlandt was promoted to brigadier general following acts of valour at the Siege of Yorktown. He lived out his remaining years as a politician, eventually dying at the age of 81.


Can guard
Can hide in woodland
Grappling hooks
Resistant to morale shocks

Technological abilities

Plug bayonet
Ring bayonet
Socket bayonet
Chevaux de frise
Fire and advance
Fire by rank
Square formation

Available for:

Uns eua 2nd ny icon infm.png
United States

Unit is available when controlling the region of New York.


This unit is part of the Elite Units of America DLC.

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