24-pounder Frigate (ETW unit)

24-pounder Frigate
24-pounder Frigate
Range: 500
Accuracy: 60
Reloading skill: 40
Hull strength: 4654
Speed: 17
Maneuverability: Med.
Morale: 9
Turns to build: 2
Recruitment cost: 2080
Upkeep cost: 520
Building (minimum level)
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A frigate is a single deck warship, used for independent cruises, commerce raiding and convoy protection.

American frigates are stronger than those built by other nations, both in terms of the punishment they can sustain and in weight of broadside. The two factors are related: the design includes diagonal bracing, and thick planking, allowing a ship of this type to mount 24-pounder cannons in place of the usual 12-pounders carried aboard frigates. This American frigate still has all the traditional virtues of the type. It is a good sailor, and can operate far from home waters. It outguns other frigates, but has the necessary speed to escape from larger battleships. Historically, the reasons for creating a class of large frigates were strategically sound for the fledgling United States. There was, of course, no shortage of suitable timber in American yards on the eastern seaboard to make ships to this design. More importantly, however, the design recognised that America simply didn’t have the manpower to create a navy to the European model. She needed ships that used relatively small crews for the amount of havoc they could cause!

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