15th Hussars (NTW unit)

15th Hussars
15th Hussars
Category: Cavalry
Class: Light Cavalry
Men: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60
Melee attack: 11
Charge bonus: 17
Defence: 9
Morale: 8
Unit limit: 1
Turns to train: 2
Recruitment cost: 600
Upkeep cost: 260

Hussars are an elite light cavalry force, and effective when used against skirmishers and artillery.

Like other light cavalrymen, hussars have speed, “dash” and an elitist attitude towards enemies. The 15th Hussars are made up of veteran cavalrymen, deadly in close combat and at the charge. Their speed makes them ideal for chasing down skirmishers and for dealing with artillery units. They carry curved sabres and, even though their charge is powerful, they are still at a disadvantage against infantry in square and heavy cavalry units.

The 15th Hussars were changed from light dragoon regiments as hussar regiments became fashionable across Europe. Colonel George Augustus Elliot raised “Elliot’s Light Horse”, a regiment of light dragoons. Less than a year after being raised the regiment was already 684 men strong and was marked out for overseas service. They took part in the Battle of Emsdorf, where they earned the very first named Battle Honour ever given to a British regiment. Eventually, the regiment became the 15th Hussars.


Can hide in woodland
Good stamina
Paths seldom trod

Technological abilities

Wedge formation
Diamond formation

Available for:

Ntw britain cav light british 15th hussars icon.png
Great Britain


This unit is part of the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars DLC. It is originally included in the Imperial Edition of the game.

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