Yüsekokul (ETW building)

State Madrassa
Category: Religion
Level: 2
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1500
Etw ott town education lvl2 religious.png

Large Madrassa

This establishment provides higher education to any who desire instruction in religious matters and for those seeking positions of authority.

The syllabus concentrates on traditional Islamic areas of study, and emphases the philosophical underpinnings of faith, the theological and spiritual orthodoxies, and the legal implications of following the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The result is a highly educated man, who can act as a scholar in the wider community, but has the intellectual and practical abilities needed to hold many government positions. The graduates of a yüksekokul can be relied upon to carry out their duties with diligence.

Historically, the Ottoman Empire relied almost entirely upon its Muslim population for administrators at every level. Minority religions were granted legal protections and treated leniently, but it was almost unheard of for a professed Christian or Jew to reach a position of high authority. Although education was valued, the janissaries did have something of a military stranglehold on the administration of the Empire. Inherently resistant to change, the janissary administrators were a deadening force in the intellectual, political and scientific life of the Empire.