Wooden Fort (ETW building)

Wooden Fort
Category: Fort
Level: 0
Turns to build: 2
Building cost: 1500
Wooden Fort
Etw eu fort lvl4.png

Artillery Fort

A wooden fort is a substantial defensive work, built from logs and with supporting earthworks.

As a defensive work, it is well able to withstand enemy attacks when properly defended by stalwart men; a garrison should expect to hold out against attacks for some little time. The walls are high enough to give a good firing position to any defenders, and any aggressor had better bring a ladder or particularly acrobatic attackers to a siege! The walls are only the most visible part of the defence: the surrounding trees and undergrowth are cut back to provide a clear firing – and therefore killing – ground for the defenders. This cleared ground often extends well beyond musket range, to deny attackers the chance to approach unseen.

Unlike a stockade, a fort is a relative permanent structure and, as such, it serves to mark ownership of territory as much as to command the surrounding area. Forts are positioned with an eye to using the existing terrain, commanding any strategic approaches (such as passes and river crossings) and intimidating the natives.