Warrior Monks (STW unit)

Warrior Monks
Category: Infantry
Class: Melee
Soldiers: 60
Weapon Type: Pole-arm 

Main Stats
Honour / Morale      13    
Melee Attack      11   
Melee Defence       8   
Charge Bonus      10   
Armour       1   
Extra Stats
Marching Speed       5   
Running Speed      10   
Charging Speed      12   

Requires: Buddhist Temple

These Buddhist Samurai fanatics are the most
powerful foot soldiers on the battlefield. They
carry a portable shrine as their unit standard,
which makes enemy Buddhist troops most
reluctant to engage them. Christians don't
suffer from this problem.

Extra info:
Religious certainty and samurai training are a
potent combination. The sohei — Buddhist
warrior monks — had a tradition of getting
involved in wars that didn’t necessarily concern
them. Many monasteries also had a tradition of
producing brave and fanatical warriors, men who
were certain that death on a battlefield would not
mean defeat, disgrace and failure but a certain
place in paradise.

A unit of warrior monks is a powerful fighting force, motivated as it is by religious devotion. It also uses a “portable shrine” in place of a battle flag as its standard. The presence of this shrine makes other troops reluctant to attack them, if only because of the potential sacrilege. However, Christian samurai units (that may existent after the arrival of the Portuguese in 1542 and the subsequent appearance of the Jesuits) don’t suffer any penalties when attacking warrior monks.