Viking Invasion

Medieval: Total War – Viking Invasion Expansion pack.

Set upon an extended map of the British Isles and western Scandinavia and taking place from 793 to 1066, Viking Invasion allows the player to assume the role of leader of the Viking faction as they raid, loot and pillage their way to supremacy. Conversely the player may take control of early Anglo-Saxon factions such as Wessex and Mercia with the aim of repelling the Viking invasion and ultimately controlling the British Isles in its entirety.

Features include:

- New, older Anglo-Saxon and Viking factions to play as.

- New historical units such as the Huskarls are available.

- Enhancements to the original campaign such as flaming ammunition to set castles ablaze.

- Pre-battle deployment screen, allowing the player to organise their forces and view the terrain.

- Three new factions playable in the original campaign along with ribauldequin artillery.

- Patch with multiple bug fixes.

The Viking Invasion expansion pack was released on 7th May 2003.