Vengence of the Suebi Update (TWA)


Hotfix 03/07/2015

The following issues have been addressed in the hotfix:

  • Players will no longer crash when playing multiplayer with other players who do not own The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Battle lighting will no longer remain dark after the climate change events occur in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Flattened the terrain in Rome to fix buildings which appeared in offset sections on the battle map.
  • More Separatist armies are now spawned during rebellions. This will only affect new playthroughs/save games.
  • Langobards are now unable to join confederations in campaigns when the player owns Celts DLC. They are bloodthirsty barbarians who pity diplomats.
  • The Ostrogoth Kingdom’s "Pro-Roman" objective can now be completed, as it's now possible to give diplomatic tribute to the Roman Expedition.
  • Fixed an issue in the Multiplayer Campaign script of The Last Roman campaign, where the Roman Empire acted as if The Roman Expedition had separated before it had done so.
  • "Maintenance Cost" will now be displayed for religious buildings in the Building Info panel in Grand Campaign modes.
  • Belisarius will no longer be listed as the Emperor in the family tree during The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Two of Theodora's missions in The Last Roman Campaign now use the correct art instead of the default mission scroll.
  • Births will now show up as events again.
  • Fixed some military (red) technologies having civil (green) icons in the tech tree, both in-game and in the Encyclopaedia.
  • The Reinforcements trait will no longer display a huge number of "Turns remaining". The trait is awarded on completion of a mission.
  • Increased the reward for "The More the Merrier!" objective in The Last Roman Campaign, when playing as the Vandalic Kingdom, from 1000 to 1500.
  • The correct icon for the "Prosthetic Hand" ancillary is now displayed consistently.
  • The Last Roman Campaign is no longer listed as "Belisarius" in the in-game purchasing menu.
  • Unit stats will now only be displayed to one decimal place in the Encyclopaedia.

Additional free content

This patch features two pieces of free content for all owners of Total War: ATTILA

New playable faction - The Suebi

The Suebi are now playable in the main campaign, custom and multiplayer battles. They are an extremely warlike people that look back on a long history of conflict with the Romans and other Germanic and Celtic tribes.

The arrival of the Huns and the ongoing migration of the Germanic tribes sees them pushed south beyond the Rhine and they start the game well within hostile territory, in the heart of Gaul with only a single army to their name. Their only option is to move forward, looting and pillaging as they go along, in the hope to find new and fertile lands further south and out of reach of Rome, Attila and his Hunnic hordes.

They boast the following faction traits and new units to aid them in their endeavours:

Faction traits:

Great Migrators

  • Growth: +250 when initiating a migration or resettling

Skilled migrators:

  • Horde building construction cost: -35%
  • -35% upkeep cost for 10 turns for any army that loots or sacks a settlement

New units:

  • Suebi Warriors – Tier I very heavy axe infantry
  • Suebi Oath Takers – Tier II heavy spear infantry
  • Suebi Champions – Tier II very heavy melee infantry
  • Suebi Nobles – Tier II medium melee cavalry (general unit)

The Battle of Dara

In this new historical battle you play as the legendary general Belisarius, the namesake of “The Last Roman” Campaign pack. With his back against a wall he was faced with a near impossible task – holding a settlement without finished fortifications against an army that outnumbered him two to one.

Instead of waiting for the Sassanids to attack the walls, the general instead deployed beyond the defensive perimeter. He instructed his men to dig deep trenches, constructed at sharp right angles, in front of the battles lines, with crossings between them to allow men, but not horses, to pass. Thanks to this the Romans were able to hold against the otherwise devastating Sassanid cavalry charge and eventually managed to beat the opposition.

With the victory at Dara, Belisarius earned his rightful spot in history as one of the greatest generals of his time. Only three years later he would lead the Roman Expedition to reconquer the Roman lands of old in Northern Africa and Italy. Can you step into his footsteps or will you be overwhelmed by the Sassanid tides?

Known Issues in this build – these issues will be hotfixed next week as a priority:

In some cases:

  • A crash may occur if a player that does not own The Last Roman DLC attempts to join a multiplayer match hosted on The Last Roman Campaign Map.
  • Battle lighting may remain dark after the climate change events occur in The Last Roman campaign.

Technical and Performance Issues


  • Fixed a battle AI crash caused by an incorrect settlement graph.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when the AI tried to attack an enemy battle group but the last visible enemy battle group has moved out of the map's playable area.
  • Fixed a rare battle crash caused by incorrectly cached banner texture.
  • Improved compatibility for shadows and HDR effects on certain graphics cards.


  • Fixed a variety of Campaign AI lock-ups.
  • Fixed some Campaign AI lock ups caused by armies /navies being unable to exit zones of control.
  • Fixed a Save Game crash on Mac.
  • Performance improvements for Campaign AI Siege logic.
  • Improved Campaign AI reinforcement logic.


  • Shogun: Total War and Medieval: Total War have been added to the Launcher.

Gameplay Improvements


  • Updated AI formation-groups to avoid having big gaps between units with smaller unit sizes.
  • Reduced voice-over audio repeating itself in short succession when placing units under AI control in battles.
  • Upgraded the appearance of some metal unit parts.


  • Subject dilemmas now happen more frequently with Celtic factions in Celts Culture Pack DLC.
  • Changed the building construction requirements for the Eastern and Western Roman Empires’ Divine Triumph victory conditions in the Grand Campaign, in order to remove buildings that couldn’t be constructed by those factions or which are made obsolete by later techs. These changes will require starting a new campaign to take effect.
  • Celtic Warlord unit for the Caledonians in the Celts Culture Pack is now Celtic Warlord to Noble Archers to Royal Archers.
  • Updated Celtic Mercenaries’ unit-specific bonuses in Celts Culture Pack DLC.
  • The Burgundians Divine Triumph objective to construct a Warlord's Castle is now clearer. This previously said Warlord's Keep.
  • A progression blocker in the Prologue has been fixed, where the player placed their faction into a migration as instructed to, but became blocked by the Huns sieging the player’s final garrisoned settlement.
  • Added more bonuses for completing the Hostile Dispute subject dilemmas in the *Ostrogoths campaign in Grand Campaign mode.
  • Changed some prologue advice text to match the audio.

Usability Improvements


  • Improved the arm / sleeve models of Celts units on low graphics settings and at low Level of Detail.
  • Roman units that are levied by a non-Roman player’s faction will no longer be invisible during battles.
  • Fixed vomiting animations for javelin riders and javelin infantry units when Blood & Burning DLC is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where marching music would sometimes play based on the distance between the two opposing armies, whether they were marching or not.
  • Localised the Map Marker tool-tip when using telestration in multiplayer battles.
  • Shields will no longer pop in an out of place when pike units change stance between being in a pike line to combat ready.
  • Fixed missing textures on some tower ships on Mac versions of the game (e.g. Castled Dromon Warships)


  • Changed tool-tip on Balance of Power bar from "outnumbered" to "overpowered", as this is more accurate.
  • Fixed the missing / invisible campaign character model for Ollam Ri in Picts campaign in Celts Culture Pack DLC.
  • Changed a male assassination animation on the Campaign map from a stab to a slash, to look better with decapitation when Blood & Burning DLC is enabled.
  • General attribute descriptions are no longer being shown for agents in the Character Details panel.
  • The text on the tool-tip for snow immunity ability no longer repeats itself within the same tool-tip.
  • Some event messages will no longer appear twice in the Event window / queue.
  • Integrity icon tool-tip on the Force Details panel is now localised.
  • Text is no longer cut off in the header of the integrity bar tooltip in the unit details panel in Campaign.
  • Improved scrolling functionality on the Event Feed in campaign when using filters.


  • Added some missing character skills icons & technologies in the Encyclopaedia.
  • Added missing text to the Experience level 6 section of the Experience and Integrity page in the Encyclopaedia in Spanish.
  • Music now loops in the credits instead of finishing before the end.
  • Added some missing text (saying "Priest") on an Agent Recruitable tool-tip in non-English languages.
  • The spy skill Artisan now displays the correct text for Level 1 & 2 in the Encyclopaedia in Czech.
  • The word Fertility is now translated on the Horde Army Panel in campaign modes.

Balancing Changes


  • Spearmen are now more effective against cavalry. They have also received a defence boost to help them hold the line.


  • Fatigue system was re-balanced so it allows more offensive gameplay.
  • Melee attacks should now be scale better, and melee defence now has no penalty at all.


  • Cavalry HP has been altered with the following values:
  • Very Light Cavalry: HP increased from 75 to 110
  • Light Cavalry: HP increased from 90 to 110
  • Medium Cavalry: HP increased from 105 to 125
  • Heavy Cavalry: HP unchanged (still 135)
  • Very Heavy Cavalry: HP unchanged (still 165)
  • Cavalry charge speeds were readjusted so heavy cavalry will have a harder time catching light skirmisher cavalry
  • Cavalry masses were re-adjusted so they still deal approximately the same damage to infantry
  • Royal Lancers' cost was increased
  • Sword and Axe cavalry cost was decreased by 20-30


  • 1-handed axes have been given a slight boost to their bonus against infantry.
  • Spear units have been given a melee defence boost.
  • Increased the weight of 2-handed units with heavier armour to Heavy.
  • Decreased Uar Warriors melee attack by 10.
  • Cohor and Legio units have been given a small melee defence boost.


  • Elite units now deal more damage with their bows.

Mounted Units

  • Mounted javelin units now have Parthian shot (can fire 360 degrees while moving).
  • All lances have been given a bonus ‘vs large’ boost to speed up cavalry fights beyond the charge.


  • Increased bracing bonuses on formations.


  • Religious buildings will no longer provide garrisons; their units were spread out on others.
  • Garrison readjustments (impacts Multiplayer Campaigns as well).

Assembly Kit

  • When launching TED, the default climate is now set to a valid climate.
  • Added default textures groups that are more valid.
  • Fixed a bug where the climate map would generate using the wrong climate (not the one selected).
  • Fixed several objects not processing correctly into game after being placed in the tile.
  • Rubble cs2 files now process correctly.
  • Improved custom-made map sharing in multiplayer.