Units in Rome: Total War

Armies in Rome: Total War are made up of one or more military units under the command of a general (a member of the ruling family) or a lesser captain (a commander drawn from the ranks).

One class of units can never be trained: general’s bodyguard units. These are given free with every new member of the ruling family of a faction. They can, however, be retrained and equipped with better quality weapons. A general’s bodyguard is disbanded when the general dies.

Training all other units uses three resources: time, money and men. Every unit takes at least one turn to train, has a cash cost and uses population from the settlement where it’s trained. Units also cost money for salary, supplies and equipment after they have been trained. This upkeep cost is automatically paid, and can become a significant expenditure each turn!

The military buildings in a settlement determine what units can be trained there. The Building Browser Scroll shows what buildings produce units.

Barbarian factions have a different set of buildings in their technology tree, but the principle remains the same.