Total War Battles KINGDOM FAQ



What is Total War Battles: KINGDOM?

Total War Battles: KINGDOM is an online persistent-world strategy game, where players can access their same individual home Kingdom across PC, Mac and Tablets.

Being developed by the Creative Assembly digital team, TWB: KINGDOM is the follow-up to the award-winning Total War Battles: SHOGUN, which was released in 2012.

Set during the tumultuous turn of the 10th century, Europe starts to emerge from the Dark Ages divided and at war. Stepping from the ruins, players must restore their lands, recruit their army and contest the throne.

Combining realm building with large scale battles, players will find themselves managing the needs of their own fiefdom as they marshal increasingly impressive armies. Ultimately, players will be able to join in massed wars against other lords in a fight for the throne; backstabbing, betrayal, spying and underhand deception are all very much encouraged…

Total War Battles: KINGDOM will be Free to Play and aims to build upon the success of Total War Battles: SHOGUN by introducing new features, gameplay and a distinct visual style.

How has the gameplay evolved since Total War Battles: SHOGUN?

TWB: SHOGUN has both an economic and military side of the game, present in each distinct map in the single player campaign. TWB: KINGDOM follows a more classical Total War structure of having two gameplay modes tied together, Realm-building and Battle:

  • Realm-building mode: Rather than building a base at the start of each map, your realm is persistent over time, allowing for a deeper and much more engaging economic simulation that runs in real time on the game server.
  • Battle mode: While players might recognize some of the lane-based ‘Bushido code’ tactical gameplay from TWB: SHOGUN, battles in TWB: KINGDOM are much larger in scale with hundreds of men clashing on the battlefield. Greater emphasis is also placed on the correct timing of charges, special abilities and the strategic engagement of different unit types.

TWB: SHOGUN was also a single player game, where you couldn’t play with or against other players. TWB: KINGDOM is a massively-connected world where you can interact with and battle against thousands of other players.

What are the key features?

  • Build your Realm – Progressively create your very own world. Explore, conquer then shape your lands to transform the wilderness into a powerful and productive Realm. Raise new cities, cut down forests, lay roads, build bridges and change the course of rivers.
  • Large scale battles – Create and train your very own army then lead large scale battles where the cunning of your moves and the accuracy of your orders will do more than the sheer number of your troops.
  • The Cross Platform Total War – Play on multiple devices, whenever you want, wherever you want. No matter which platform you choose, action in Total War Battles: KINGDOM will carry over onto any other device you play on.

Why is Total War Battles: KINGDOM a Free-to-Play?

Within this particular market, F2P offers a great way for players to experience Total War Battles, entirely at a pace and dedication they are happy with. It also means that the server is always ready with a wide selection of suitable foes to fight…

Is Total War Battles: KINGDOM connected to the previously announced Total War: ARENA game?

No, they are two very different games with their own dedicated development teams. The latest information on Total War: ARENA can be found here:

What makes Total War Battles: KINGDOM different from traditional Total War titles?

TWB: KINGDOM draws from the heritage of the Total War series, but is designed from the ground-up with mobility, cross-platform functionality and dip-in/dip-out gameplay in mind. Like TWB: SHOGUN, it aims to forge its own path as part of the Battles series of games developed by the studio’s Digital Team with a mixture of building and fighting. By making the game more accessible and bringing KINGDOM to multiple platforms, you can play in a persistent historical world anywhere – at your desk, while in front of the TV or on the go.

Does the development of Total War Battles: KINGDOM affect the development of traditional Total War titles?

Creative Assembly is one of the largest studios in Europe and there are multiple games currently in development; including Total War Battles: KINGDOM, Total War: ARENA, Total War: ATTILA and other unannounced titles, with individual teams on each project.

The CA Digital team was set up in 2010 to bring Total War Battles to market. Following the release of Total War Battles: SHOGUN in 2012 the team moved across to start work on Total War Battles: KINGDOM.

What do you mean by a ‘cross-platform’ game?

By introducing an online persistent-world format, Total War Battles: KINGDOM allows players to seamlessly manage their Realm and play the complete game across multiple supported devices, allowing you to continue your experience no matter where you are. The game is available for PC now, Mac and Tablet versions are coming soon.

Will Total War Battles: KINGDOM be ‘pay to win’?

No, not at all: all the units, equipment and bonus that determine the strength of your army can be earned through playing the game. Your blacksmiths are capable of crafting these using the resources you collect in your realm. So, if you have a strong economy you can obtain the most competitive army without spending any Gold. Also, at the start of each battle you can choose a bonus called the Battle Support. This bonus is unique so you can't stack multiple ones and imbalance the fight, even if you would have enough resources to do so. On high end PvP, we expect the choice of the right Battle Support to be an integral part of a player strategy.

Is Total War Battles: KINGDOM subscription based?

No, there is no subscription required.


What platforms will Total War Battles: KINGDOM be available on?

TWB: KINGDOM will initially be available on PC. Mac and Tablets versions are coming soon.

What are the min specs for each platform?

Minimum Specification

  • Operating System: Windows Vista 32 bit Service Pack 2
  • CPU Type: Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2
  • CPU Speed:1.8 Ghz
  • System Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Video Card Model: Intel HD4000 / ATI Radeon HD4650 / NVidia Geforce 430
  • Video Card Memory: 512 MB
  • Video Card Driver:DirectX 9
  • Primary Display Resolution:1280 * 720
  • Hard Disk Free Space:2 GB
  • Download Speed: 256 kbps

Recommended Specification

  • Operating System: Win 7 32 Bit
  • CPU Type: Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2
  • CPU Speed: 2.4 Ghz
  • System Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Video Card Model: ATI Radeon HD5850 / Nvidia Geforce GTX 480
  • Video Card Memory: 1024 MB
  • Video Card Driver: DirectX 11
  • Primary Display Resolution: 1280 * 720
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 2 GB
  • Download Speed: 256 kbps

The Mac and Tablet min specs will be released at a later date.

When is it out?

The PC Open Beta is available for everyone to play now. Mac and Tablet versions are coming soon.

PC Beta

Why are you just holding a PC closed beta?

The game has been in Closed Beta since December 2014, which gave us the opportunity to gather valuable player feedback from a limited number of players in Europe, and to balance the game. We have now launched the PC Open Beta, which means anyone in the Open Beta territories can download the game from Steam and play. (You will need a Steam account). Holding the Beta stages on PC enables us to be more responsive to player feedback, make changes and issue updates more frequently, allowing the participants of the beta stages to help shape the final game before it is released on other platforms.

What game content is in the Open Beta?

In Open Beta you will be able to build your kingdom, prepare your army and initiate battles to expand your kingdom. We will be adding new features and content to the game as development progresses.

Will my progress in the Open Beta phase be carried over to the final game? What if I spend money in the Open Beta? Will I get it back?

We are not planning any game resets, and your game progress will carry over into the full release version and onto other platforms when they are launched. If we have to reset realms for technical reasons, all the Gold purchased will be given back so you never lose any of it.

What countries will the Open Beta be available in? Will it be localised?

You can see the list of Open Beta countries here We will be adding more territories as development progresses.

The Open Beta is launching in English only. We plan to add more languages in later stages of development.

When will the game be released on other platforms?

The Mac and Tablet versions are coming soon. The release date on other platforms has not yet been announced.

What countries will the closed beta be open to? Will it be localised?

The closed beta will start in Europe and will be in English only. We plan to add more languages and make the game available in other countries too in later stages of development. If you are interested please sign-up now and you will be contacted when your country is added.

When will the game be released on other platforms?

The release date on other platforms has not yet been announced.

Will I need a Steam account to play in the Open Beta?

Yes, the PC version of the game is exclusively accessible via Steam so you will need a Steam account to play.

What if I haven’t played a Total War game before?

Welcome to Total War! TWB: KINGDOM is easy to pick up and difficult to master. The game starts with a guide to assist new players and we provide support via our forums. Join our social media channels for news, hints and tips direct from the studio.


Is there any shared tech with historical Total War games?

Like Total War Battles: SHOGUN, the TWB: KINGDOM client is developed using Unity, but the server is built with the CA Digital Team’s own technology.