Total War: ATTILA KIT - Environment Settings

Environment Settings - Do This First

21 April 2015



Some user variables need to be set before beginning the process of creating a scripted battle. These will load the game in a state that provides features which are helpful for creating scripted battles. In Explorer, browse to the following path:


%AppData%\The Creative Assembly\Attila\scripts


Here there should be a file called preferences.script.txt. Open it in an editor, and search for the following term:




If this exists and is set to false, set it to true instead. If it doesn't exist, append the following to the end of the file:


show_debug_ui true;


Then save and close the file.


Next, make a copy of preferences.script.txt in the same folder and give the copy the following name:




Open this new file and replace the contents with the following lines. If a user.script.txt already exists, the following script may simply be appended to the existing contents of the file:






These settings will enable lua and battle xml logging, as well as the debug user interface which will display camera and cursor co-ordinates.