Total War: ATTILA KIT - Alliance Tags

Alliance tags

24 April 2015



<alliance> tag


Child of: <battle>


The <alliance> tag describes each alliance block on the battlefield. An alliance can be made up of one or more armies, of potentially different factions. The alliance an army or unit is in determines who it perceives as a friend or enemy on the battlefield. There must be exactly two alliances defined in any battle.


The first army of the first alliance is always controlled by the player. Internally, alliances are numbered in order of declaration. The first alliance is 0, the second is 1.


Mandatory Child Tags


The <alliance> tag must contain the following child tags:





Defines an army that belongs to the alliance. There must be at least one army in any alliance.


Sets out the conditions under which this alliance wins the battle.


Defines a co-ordinate position where soldiers from this alliance will run to when they rout (usually off the battlefield). Example:


<rout_position x="0" y="1300" />


Optional Child Tags


The <alliance> tag may optionally contain the following child tags:





Defines a reinforcing army for this alliance. Such an army will be distinct from any other army in the alliance, and will therefore be controlled by the AI.


A siege map with a victory position requires that the defending alliance starts the battle with tickets. Use this tag to define the number of tickets. Example:




Forces this alliance to deploy first if this tag is present.


<deploys_first />




See the supplied example definition xml for an example of a full alliance tag.









<victory_condition> tag


Child of: <alliance>


The <victory_condition> tag defines the set of conditions by which an alliance wins the battle. Each alliance must have at least one victory condition set up. More than one victory condition can be declared for an alliance - in this case, victory will be attained if either of the victory conditions is reached.


Supported victory conditions:

  • kill_or_rout_enemy
  • capture_settlement
  • sink_or_surrender_enemy (for naval battles)


Victory conditions are defined by enclosing a victory_condition tag around a second tag for the condition itself. The following example specifies that the subject alliance will win the battle if it wipes out the enemy army or captures the settlement. This is a commonplace set of victory conditions for the attacking alliance in a siege.



        <capture_settlement />



        <kill_or_rout_enemy />