Third Day of Festag

On the third day of Festag...

..we have some Dwarf concept art to give you!

Dwf warriors heads2.jpg

Here is some concept art for the Race of Dwarfs. This is not final exact game art, just a behind the scenes Festag treat!

"Dwarfs are shorter and stouter than Men, and are known for their broad shoulders, beards and stamina. The most defining characteristic of Dwarfs, however, is a gruff and stubborn nature. The Dwarfs' innate obstinacy is the stuff of legends and countless tales speak of both the great fortunes and the tragedies of this epic resolve.

"Yet the adamancy of the Dwarfs has oft proven to be the very cause of their downfall. By taking slight at the least provocation or by refusing to back down, the Dwarf race has lost countless allies, and begun untold battles in which they had little chance of surviving. Even in their unmatched feats of work, the belligerent streak of Dwarfs causes problems - their fabled intolerance of flaws means that upon perceiving the slightest defect, they will set about any amount of painstaking labour to rectify matters to their complete satisfaction.

"If this means wrecking all progress and starting over, so be it."

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