The Tales of the Apocalypse

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Tales of The Apocalypse a new series of short stories showing snapshots of life in the fifth century. These tales, penned by Creative Assembly staff, are accompanied by appropriate event pictures from Total War: Attila.

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1 - South As the winters grew longer and robbed people of their harvests, populations across Europe began striking southwards in search of more fertile lands to call home. Not all would find the prosperity they sought.
2 - Profit The city of Ctesiphon was the heart of the Sassanian Empire and the centre of a vast trade network. Goods flowed along the Silk Road from China and India, through Arabia and into north Africa and western Europe. But luxuries were not the only things to find passage with the caravans.

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3 - Old Dogs By the 5th century, the Western Roman Empire relied increasingly on mercenaries and Foederati, barbarians paid by Rome to protect her borders. As Rome was to discover, loyalty easily bought is easily lost.

4 - The Calm

As Roman control in Britain waned, many tribes of Northern Europe saw the opportunity for expansion and plunder. Those native to Juteland were hardy seafarers and accomplished raiders...

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5 - The Lamb Honorious assumed the role of Augustus at just eight years old, but the child-emperor of Western Rome was little more than a puppet of the church and the military. It was a time when petty ambitions eclipsed the very notions of duty and service which had once made Rome great. In this tale, we meet one such individual, through his letter to The Pope…

6 - In The Valley

The cooling climate, malnutrition and mass-migrations of the 5th century created the perfect conditions for diseases to erupt and spread. In this tale, we experience one such outbreak through the eyes of a humble village priest…

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7 - Tribute Constantinople understood all too well the threat posed by Attila. In an effort to placate him and keep his focus on other targets, Eastern Rome paid him a great many tributes in gold, the delivery of which was not a task for the faint of heart…