The Music of Rome: Total War (recreated)

Those of you who are big fans of the music from the Total War games should soon be able to buy special edition CD's featuring the music from Rome: TW, Medieval: TW and Shogun: TW. With extended versions and remixes these will be an awesome purchase for any TW fan. Any one interested should send an email here so we can contact you first, as soon they become available.

The music in Rome Total War was written by Jeff van Dyck. His wife Angela features on some of the songs singing the vocals. "Forever" (also known as the credits song) was originally the main menu song, but was then remixed by Jeff, and Angela wrote the lyrics. "Divinitus" which plays during the campaign map was written by Angela, with Jeff adding a bit of guitar.

By popular demand, here are the lyrics of the songs...

"Forever (Rome : Total War)"
by Angela & Jeff van Dyck

What awaits us?
A cloud has fallen on our shore
The mighty hand and sword of Roman war
And I'll be brave, be strong, be true, my love
And I'll be waiting for you, forever...

My love you march to war defiant
May god returneth you triumphant
And you'll be brave, be strong, be true, my love
And I'll be waiting for you, forever...

"And remember this above all: Our Roman gods are watching. Make sure
they are not ashamed!"

How can I wait unknowing?
This is the price of war
We rise with noble intentions
And we risk all that is pure
We are only as great as our hearts will allow
What awaits us?


What will become of us? What will be, will be
But I hope and I pray, every single day
You'll come to me, come home to me, come home to me...

by Angela van Dyck

hellatorius victorialis (warlike; victory)
erastus necessitas (lovers; death)
honararius despondeo (honour; despair)
spiritus obdormio (life; death)
patriota gladiator (country; fighter)
afflictio ommento (pain; waiting)
divinitus salutaris (heaven; salvation)
furtivus libertas (furtive love; freedom)

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