Tea House (STW building)

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Tea House
Requires: Produces:
  • Any Castle             
  • Shinobi

The Tea House is a centre for the trading of information and rumours, an ideal training ground for Shinobi (spies). Spies can be sent into enemy regions to obtain information on enemy forces. They can also be used at home to seek out and destroy enemy spies.

Extra info:
“Pen and sword in accord” is a simplification of the Samurai way, but it is a convenient one. Samurai were not only expected to be to be skilled warriors, but highly cultured men able to produce a haiku verse or officiate at the tea ceremony. One of the reasons, of course, for Japan’s descent into the turmoil of civil war was the Ashikaga shoguns’ love of the tea ceremony and other pleasures over good governance!

A Tea House can be upgraded to famous and legendary status at larger castles.