School of Poetry (ETW building)

School of Poetry
Category: Culture
Level: 1
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1000
School of Poetry
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School of Calligraphers
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Ornamental Tulip Gardens
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Sultan's Observatory

Poetry is a form of literature held in high regard throughout the Turkish, Persian and Arab-speaking world by all the educated classes of society.

The styles and hidden allegorical meanings of poems take much time to master, and there is a rich set of traditions to draw on from all three languages.

Ottoman “divan” poetry uses Persian forms and many borrowed words (as Turkish does not suit Persian rhyming schemes). Arab poetry can be a great many styles, some of which need careful handling if they are not to offend religious sensibilities. Poetry can distract from proper Islamic studies, as well as praise God. A school of poetry teaches all of these nuances, and provides a grounding for those who wish to become court poets, a rewarding position for those who have talent.

Finding a patron is, of course, a matter for the individual students, and a good grasp of calligraphic styles can help too. Being literate and having a beautiful style of penmanship is truly something to be treasured.