Saracen Militia (M2TW unit)

Saracen Militia
Saracen Militia
Category: Infantry
Class: Spearmen
Soldiers: 60
Morale: 5
Discipline: Normal
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 490
Upkeep cost: 155
Weapon upgrade: 85
Armour upgrade: 65

Well armoured townsfolk, these spearmen can take care of themselves on the battlefield, and fill out any army.

Primary weapon: Long spear (Melee)
Weapon attributes: Bonus vs. cavalry = 8
Attack: 7
Charge bonus: 3
Total defence: 14
Armour: 5
Defence skill: 3
Shield: 6
Hit points: 1

Saracen Militia are richer townsfolk who have been levied into militia to guard their settlements. Better trained and equipped than most militias, these troops are armed with a spear and protected by mail. These are townsfolk who can look after themselves on any battlefield, useful for bolstering armies, with good defence against cavalry.

Unit can adopt the schiltrom formation.


Can be supported free in a city
Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

Egypt Turks
Egy saracen militia.png Tur saracen militia.png
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