Raja's Palace (ETW building)

Raja's Palace
Category: Government
Form: Absolute Monarchy
Level: 4
Turns to build: 6
Building cost: 4500
Raja's Palace
Etw ind city government lvl4.png

Subadar's Palace
Etw ind city government lvl6.png

Maharaja's Palace

The residence of a sovereign should inspire awe and dread in equal measure, overwhelming lesser men by its magnificence.

This magnificent structure is the beating heart of an empire, its nerve centre and the glory of the nation given physical form. Every carved detail, every piece of luxurious inlay, every painted ceiling, every tile on the floor, has been paid for by the blood and sweat of the nation’s people, and all to glorify the person of the monarch. The ruler and his state are one, for under an absolute system of government, all power resides in the person of the monarch. The court exists only to provide obedient servants, as an absolutist system can permit no rivals to the throne. The servants of the state must be kept firmly in their place, and made to remember that they wield borrowed (at best) power. The source of power needs a suitably magnificent setting, a public stage where upstarts can be broken and brought to heel, subtly or otherwise.

All royal palaces, no matter what culture produces them, represent a substantial investment of national wealth. From Versailles in France to the palaces of the Sultan in Istanbul, money was no object when it came to royal luxury. Taxes, after all, belong to the monarch in person, not the state.

This building can only be built in the faction capital.