Polish Retainers (M2TW unit)

Polish Retainers
Polish Retainers
Category: Cavalry
Class: Heavy
Soldiers: 32
Mount: Heavy horse
Morale: 9
Discipline: Low
Training: Trained
Recruitment cost: 650
Upkeep cost: 175
Weapon upgrade: 120
Armour upgrade: 95

Wearing brigandine armour, and armed with a lance and sword, this unit is capable of devastating charges.

Primary weapon: Cavalry heavy lance (Melee)
Attack: 10
Charge bonus: 8
Secondary weapon: Cavalry sword (Melee)
Attack: 11
Charge bonus: 4
Total defence: 14
Armour: 6
Defence skill: 4
Shield: 4
Hit points: 1

These are the poorer and lower status cavalrymen that accompany the nobility to war. Unable to afford plate armour, these units wear brigandine armour, padded cloth armour lined with small metal plates, and are armed with a lance and sword. Trained in heavy cavalry tactics this unit is capable of devastating charges.

Unit can adopt the wedge formation.


Can board ships
Can form up and charge
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

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