Otomo Clan Pack

Portuguese Tercos

One of the major clans of the lands of Kyushu, the Otomo were among the first to make contact with the Europeans – regularly trading with the Portuguese, and eventually converting to the Christian faith.

As pioneers of gunpowder in Japan, the Otomo bring that renowned expertise to the battlefield. The Otomo introduce four new land units and a new naval unit. Leased land (one building slot per city) provides a core injection of wealth if traded to the Portuguese, and a new building subchain brings the Hospital, Jesuit Seminary and Jesuit College to your campaign to provide major bonuses to the spread of Christianity.

The Otomo Clan Pack

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s included in the DLC:

Clan trait: Master gunners

  • Can recruit cheaper gunpowder units (-10%)
  • Missionary actions are cheaper (-15%)
  • Improved conversion to clan religion (+2)
  • Faster import of Matchlock Ashigaru units (-3)

The Otomo Clan

New land units

  • Portugese Tercos (Foot, Ranged, Melee)

Armed with matchlock rifles and swords, clad in iron breastplates and Spanish Morion helmets, the Tercos can lay down withering hails of fire, and give a solid performance in melee.

  • Otomo Donderbuss Cavalry (Mounted, Ranged)

Mounted troops armed with the fearsome, fluted Donderbuss rifle – the forerunner of the modern shotgun. These ranged units can be swiftly positioned to gouge at an enemy’s flanks, or punch the wind out of his cavalry charges before they even arrive.

  • Otomo Matchlock Ashigaru (Foot, Ranged)

Armed with matchlock arquebuses to unleash massed volleys of long-range gunfire upon the enemy, these units fight with religious fervour, which increases the accuracy of their fire and enables them to reload at a faster rate than standard Matchlock Ashigaru.

  • Otomo Matchlock Samurai (Foot, Ranged, Melee)

With their accurate volleys of rifle-fire, Otomo Matchlock Samurai are ideal at weakening enemy units before a charge. Benefitting from their Samurai training, they fire with greater accuracy and reload more swiftly than their Ashigaru brethren.

Matchlock Kobaya

New naval unit

  • Otomo Matchlock Kobaya (Enhanced accuracy and reload speed)

A very light and fast ship carrying a small detachment of musket-armed soldiers whose Christian fervour and familiarity with matchlocks enables them to shoot more accurately and reload at a faster rate than standard Matchclock-bearing Kobaya.

New buildings – Otomo only

  • Leased land – can be traded to the Portuguese, one building slot per city.
  • Chapel building subchain replaces the following subchain:

Mission -> Church -> Cathedral


Hospital -> Jesuit Seminary -> Jesuit College

Stats for new buildings


  • +5.5 Christian Conversion
  • +1.5 Christian Osmotic Conversion
  • +2 Replenishment
  • +1 Happiness (Christian)
  • +2% Growth
  • +5 Research
  • +1 turn Siege Time

Jesuit Seminary

  • +7.5 Christian Conversion
  • +1.5 Christian Osmotic Conversion
  • +4 Replenishment
  • +1 Happiness (Christian)
  • +2% Growth
  • +5 Research
  • +2 turns Siege Time

Jesuit College

  • +10 Christian Conversion
  • +1.5 Christian Osmotic Conversion
  • +8 Replenishment
  • +1 Happiness (Christian)
  • +2% Growth
  • +5 Research
  • +4 turns Siege Time
  • +3 Missionary experience level

Tech tree changes

The following alterations to the standard Shogun 2 tech tree apply to the Otomo clan:

What's changed: tech‎

Patch Notes

The following tweaks have been made to unit balancing based on community feedback.

  • Armstrong Guns: 1360 > 1300
  • Gatling Guns: 1700 > 1400
  • Imperial Guard Cav: 1000 > 1050
  • Revolver Cav: 1100 > 1000
  • Mounted Samurai Hero: 1200 > 1000
  • Yari Ki: 690 > 790
  • Sabre Cav: +1 melee attack, changed mount to a faster type
  • Kihetai: 1170 > 1070
  • Shogunate Guard Infantry: 1260 > 1220
  • Sharpshooters: 1000 > 900
  • Tosa Riflemen: Changed animation set to faster firing breech loader animations
  • Yugekitai: 1500 > 1300
  • Shinsengumi: +2 morale and melee defence
  • Red Bear Infantry: 800 > 750
  • Bow Kachi: + 10 accuracy
  • Kyoto Police: 750 > 700
  • Kisho Ninjas: 1090 > 990
  • All heroes now have auras
  • Torpedo Boat: 2000 > 1200, cap of 3.
  • Naginata Monk Cavalry: 800 > 850
  • Yari Cavalry: 850 > 900
  • Naginata Attendants: 150 > 220
  • Naginata Samurai: 800 > 750
  • Nuns: 850 > 800
  • Arrow velocity increased by 5 to improve chance of hitting moving targets
  • Yari Ashigaru: 350 > 370
  • Yari Samurai: 700 > 650
  • Fire Bomb Throwers: accuracy set to 30
  • Nodachi Samurai: 800 > 850
  • Mounted Gunners: Ammo reduced from 20 > 15
  • Long Yari: 500 > 520
  • Wako Raiders: 500 > 550

Additional fixes:

  • The advisor will no longer refer to allies routing when there are no allies in the battle.
  • Fixed an issue with the Missionary agent playing a corrupted sound when levelling up.
  • The correct amount of avatar skill points left to spend should now be correctly shown if more than 5 skills points are saved.
  • The correct map will now be shown to both players when a match made siege or naval battle is found.
  • Fixed drop rate on Fall of the Samurai post-battle armour

Optimisation patch upgrades

The optimisation patch for Shogun 2 brings with it a host of key improvements that we’ve made to the core Shogun 2 experience since its release last year. If you own Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai, this patch will reduce the hard-drive footprint of your install by 6.6gb (22.4%). If you just own one, you’ll still see an install size reduction.

A 20-40% reduction in initial load times, dependent on machine spec, graphics settings and OS. This primarily boosts game boot-up time.

A series of bugfixes and other optimisation tweaks.

The patch will deploy for all users, whether they purchase the DLC or not, at the same time the Otomo clan is released.