List of guests

List of special guests

Lionheart is the largest Total War YouTube channel out there, and has been one of the longest running too, with over six year’s experience entertaining the masses with his Total War let’s plays. During that time, Lionheart graduated university with a History Degree, and has fond memories playing Medieval 2: Total War and its Expansions since 2006, a game which he still plays heavily today! Lionheart is also a twin, and claims his brother is the evil one, but we can’t know for sure.

BaronVonGamez is a long time strategy gamer, going all the way back to Command & Conquer 95! Since discovering Shogun: Total War, BaronVonGamez was introduced for the first time to a whole new kind of RTS and fell in love with it, spending most of his time on Rome: Total War. BaronVonGamez has both an adventure channel and a gaming channel on YouTube, and has a keen interest in watersports.

TotalWarZone started out as a humble Total War News community on Twitter, but due to popular demand, started making videos on YouTube and established a reputation for having high quality and informative videos. Total War Zone introduces himself as Martijn in each of his videos, but few people know he actually likes to be called Mr. Banana.

Mecha is one of our top tier Total War: ARENA players, with one of the highest win rates currently. He currently works for Team Dignitas in production, with plans to start his own YouTube channel in the future. His favorite Total War game is Rome: Total War, unless you count ARENA!

Alex is a veteran Total War YouTuber, with Rome: Total War being his favorite title. A keen archer, Alex was an archery instructor at a Canadian Summer camp and has become known for his comical portrayal of himself as a fumbling soldier in the frontlines provoking legionaries with his pointy arrows.

DiplexHeatedHD has a long history with the Total War series and other strategy games on YouTube, earning himself over 130,000 subscribers since 2011! Diplex has a large focus on all things military and history, and recently took part in military training in the most northern reaches of his homeland, Sweden. He has earned himself a reputation as a great historical commander across Total War titles and WW2 strategy games, and has recently started streaming on Twitch.

Shermanator describes himself as a Dutchman who has a love for anything to do with history and gaming! Impressively, he has been playing strategy games since Command and Conquer when he was just four years old and started playing Total War with Empire: Total War, which remains his favorite because of the sheer scale of the map. Previously a hardcore console lover, he was won over when he realized the modding community on PC.

Still in university, AggonyDuck is an extremely talented pc gamer, and exceptional commander of Total War, getting his start right at the beginning with Shogun: Total War in 2002. Since then, Duck has participated in countless tournaments over twelve years during his competitive gaming career.

Hugothester runs the largest Spanish Total War YouTube channel and started his PC gaming career with Shogun: Total War! His favorite title in the franchise is Total War: Shogun 2 as it allowed him to almost see a “before and after” from where it had all started 10 years earlier. As well as being a graduate of Law and Political Science, Hugothester can also speak four different languages, including Japanese!

Studying Computer Games Enterprise in university, JackieFish has been making Total War YouTube videos since 2011! When seeing Total War for the first time, Jackie instantly fell in love as it combined two of his favorite things, strategy and ancient history. Fun fact about Jackie is that he likes to gamble, so place your bets!

Jesse Cox
A former history teacher, Jesse Cox is a keen Total War fan and PC gamer. Between entertaining his 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, managing his own eSports team and taking part in regular streams & podcasts, Jesse rarely has time for in depth strategy games, which is why the fast paced nature of Total War: ARENA appeals to him.

Having played every Total War game since Shogun: Total War, MalakithSkadi is an old school strategy gamer, playing other such titles as the original DOS based Civilization and Colonization games. However his military prowess can be questionable at times, as he tends to employ more beasts in his army than man…

SideStrafe originally got into PC gaming with games such as Wolfenstein 3D and old school Sierra titles. An avid fan of military history, SideStrafe was inevitably drawn to Total War games and cannot determine his favorite, though Rome: Total War, Medieval: Total War and Total War: Shogun 2 are among his favorites. Though living in America, some say his lineage can be traced back to that of Alexander The Great…

PrinceOfMacedon is the man behind the worlds first Total War YouTube channel starting out with Rome: Total War battle commentaries way back in 2007. Since then he has grown to near 140,000 subscribers and has dedicated his channel to his favorite military commander, Alexander The Great. PrinceOfMacedon also loves adventure, from cosplays and conventions, to sports and travel, to celebrity meet ups. So he’s a bit unpredictable!

GuentherShadow is a passionate strategy gamer with a PhD in History! Guenther began PC gaming twenty-six years ago and started playing Total War in 2005 with Rome: Total War, however his mind and body were not truly ready until 2012 when he revisted Total War and became engrossed with the series creating his own let’s play channel. He also once necked a bottle of Tobasco, rumor has it he just swallowed the bottle whole.

DrProof is a YouTuber with over 20,000 subscribers and has produced near 4000 videos! He first started playing Total War back in 2000 with Shogun: Total War, but it wasn’t until playing Rome: Total War before he became hooked to the series! DrProof mainly enjoys strategy, simulations, RPG’s and indie games, and his favorite Total War game is Empire: Total War.

Leviath40 is a History student with a passion for video games. In 2010 he started his YouTube channel with inspiration from Prince Of Macedon and quickly became the largest French Total War channel with over 35,000 subscribers to date. Leviath40 has been playing Total War since Medieval: Total War in 2002, and considers himself a megalomanic when it comes to Total War! He also has a weird obsession with invading America as Russia in Empire: Total War!

Sigieron has been gaming on PC for over 13 years and is an avid strategy gamer playing old classics such as Age of Empires, Pharaoh, Stronghold and Total War. Sigieron is a student of game design and wants to unite European Total War YouTubers under one banner, create tournaments and take gaming on YouTuber further!

What some may consider a newcomer to the Total War YouTube scene, WarriorOfSparta has grown to over 20,000 subscribers in just over a year since his first appearance, becoming a well respected pillar of the community on YouTube. WarriorOfSparta has been PC gaming since he was 10 years old, dabbling in an old flight sim game called ‘Knights of the Sky’ and has been playing Total War for 13 years!

Paulss was the winner of the VIP ticket to come to the Total War: ARENA Closed Alpha event in Cologne! Paulss will also be joining the rest of our special guests on the battlefield live on Twitch. Paulss is a force to be reckoned with as he is one of the top performing players in Total War: ARENA during our closed alpha.