Libyan Kuloglu (ETW unit)

Libyan Kuloglu
Libyan Kuloglu
Category: Cavalry
Class: Dragoons
Men: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80
Range: 70
Accuracy: 45
Reloading skill: 30
Ammunition: 15
Melee attack: 10
Charge bonus: 11
Defence: 8
Morale: 7
Turns to train: 1
Recruitment cost: 1220
Upkeep cost: 300
Building (minimum level)
Etw ott town military lvl5 barracks.png

Military Academy

Libyan kuloglu are auxiliary cavalry, capable of dismounting to deliver a devastating volley with their blunderbusses.

They also carry sabres, which can be used when in the saddle, giving the ability to fight well in melee. Unlike some other Turkish and Ottoman troops, they do not wear armour. Their blunderbusses are large-bore flintlock weapons, much like giant shotguns, and cannot be used from horseback. They have a very short range but a blast from one, let alone a volley from a whole unit, is terrible. This weapon makes the kuloglu a superb attacking force, if they can get within range of the target. They suffer when facing troops with longer-ranged muskets or rifles.

Historically, the kuloglu were recruited from the sons of ethnic Turkish janissaries and local, Libyan women. These men were specifically excluded from joining the ranks of the prestigious janissaries, proving their worth by fighting with bravery and discipline - particularly during the American attack on Tripoli. Indeed, kuloglu who behaved in a cowardly way were made to dress as women until they redeemed themselves through acts of not-quite-suicidal bravery, or died in the attempt. This, however, was mild compared to what was done to any who “abused” young prisoners taken in battle: the offender was beheaded or beaten 1000 times with a stout cane, something that was surely a protracted death sentence!


Can dismount
Can hide in woodland
Garrison policing bonus
Grappling hooks

Technological abilities

Wedge formation
Diamond formation

Available for:

Ott libyan kuloglu icon infm.png
Ottoman Empire

Unit is available when controlling the region of Cairo.


This unit is part of the Elite Units of the East DLC.