Lepidus' Rome (TWR2-IA faction)

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Status, Diplomacy, Vengeance

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In Rome, to leave your fortunes in the hands of others is pure folly. This is the lesson which Lepidus learned the hard way. When Caesar was murdered, Lepidus held the position of Magister Equitum, or master of horses, which effectively made him second-in-command of the Republic. In the aftermath, he sided with Antony against Octavian, promising his authority and his troops in exchange for the position of Pontifex Maximus, or high priest. This led to the three generals negotiating the formation of the Second Triumvirate, which established him as one of the three absolute rulers of the republic.

In keeping with his status, Lepidus received the second-best allotment of lands after Antony. Satisfied by this, he remained as administrator in Rome while Octavian and Antony set off to defeat the last of Caesar’s murderers. The success of this expedition proved unfavourable to Lepidus, as Octavian and Antony used the prestige they gathered to redistribute control of the republic at his expense.

Instead of being rewarded for his loyalty, Lepidus was relegated to the fringe territories of Africa and Hispania by the union he had been instrumental in creating. But his dismissal may well be his foes’ undoing. While his ex-comrades menace each other, Lepidus is able to build his strength in the most fertile province of the republic. Freed now from any notions of loyalty, Lepidus could once again rise to the height of power by waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike…