Large Tobacco Plantation (ETW building)

Large Tobacco Plantation
Category: Tobacco
Level: 1
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 2500
Large Tobacco Plantation
Large Tobacco Plantation
Middle Eastern
Large Tobacco Plantation
Etw eu resource plantation tobacco lvl1.png

Small Tobacco Plantation
Etw eu resource plantation tobacco lvl3.png

Tobacco Warehouse

Plantations are a very successful method of growing cash crops to meet demand in the home market. For the owner, a large plantation is a prestigious investment.

The profits, however, can be substantial, and this wealth is often reinvested in recreating an upper-crust lifestyle for the plantation’s owning family. This is true even in republics: egalitarianism only extends so far, and rarely includes the field hands doing the back-breaking labour! Owners behave with staggering levels of brutality towards their workers, regardless of whether or not they are formally slaves. Partly, of course, it is fear that leads them to behave this way: the workers outnumber the overseers many times over.

A large plantation is also an island of home luxuries in an alien land. Owners have money to import anything and everything from home, and some take the opportunity to behave like kings in their own tiny empires. They are the propertied classes, the ones with influence, and few people at home really care about their methods.