Lakhmids Update (TWA)


Known Issues

  • The game will crash on Campaign of Custom Battle modes for Mac users if the "Anti-Aliasing" setting is set to anything but "off". To avoid this, in the main menu, please select "Options", then "Graphics". In the "Graphics Settings" menu, select "Custom". Once in the "Advanced Options" menu, please set the "Anti-Aliasing" drop-down list to "Off". Finally, click the tick button to "Accept changes".
  • When "Max Performance" graphics settings are selected on PC, some users may notice dark shapes / decals on the terrain during battles. - To avoid this, in the main menu, please select "Options", then "Graphics". In the "Graphics Settings" menu, select "Custom". Once in the "Advanced Options" menu, please set the "Terrain" drop-down to a different setting than “Max. Performance”. Finally, click the tick button to "Accept changes".
  • Some Mac users may notice graphical distortions in the lighting effect which displays when settlements, armies, navies or agents are selected on the Campaign map.

Additional free content

This patch features the arrival of a New Playable Faction: "The Lakhmids"

The Lakhmids, independent and proudly Arabian, enjoy a position of strength on the western banks of the Euphrates River, where they are tolerated by the Sassanid Persians and well insulated against Arabian rivals to the south.

Now, though nominally under the control of the Sassanid Empire, the Lakhmids have managed to retain some autonomy and are growing once more, yet are nevertheless expected to provide military support to their Persian overlords when required. However, the self-styled "Sons of the Water of Heaven" do not intend their ways to crumble, or to bend the knee to anyone!

They boast the following faction traits and new units to aid them in their endeavours:

Subsidised Peace: +500 wealth per turn while at peace with the Sassanids Heavenly Cities: +25% increased replenishment inside a settlement

They are also part of the Desert Kingdoms Cultural Group granting them the following traits:

  • Scourge of the Desert: +15 melee attack during desert battles
  • Fractured Faiths: Increased public order penalty for religious differences between new religions
  • Attrition: Immune to desert attrition
  • Sunscorched: +2 sanitation

The two rival political parties within The Lakhmids are Lakhmid and Lakhmid Elders.

New Lahkmid units:

  • King’s Radif – Mounted mace General Unit
  • al-Rahrain – Mace infantry unit
  • Noble al-Rahrain – Elite, very heavy mace infantry unit
  • Sana’I – Exceptional attack heavy sword unit - Christian only
  • al-Dawser – High damage spear wielding heavy cavalry unit – Christian only
  • al-Shahba – Very heavy sword cavalry - Zoroastrian Only
  • Wada’I – Heavy Shock Cavalry – Zoroastrian Only

New Buildings

  • Palace Of The Amesha Spenta – Tier 5 barracks giving access to Zoroastrian units
  • House Of The Hagia Makatas - Tier 5 barracks giving access to eastern Christian units (Also available to Aksum)

Lakhmids also have access to the new Eastern Christianity Major and Minor Chain

Three new emergent factions have been added:

  • Judea
  • Palmyra
  • Anatolia

Three new religions have also been added:

  • Eastern Christianity ~ 5% less corruption
  • Judaism ~ +5% wealth from industry
  • Semitic Paganism ~ +5% replenishment

Gameplay Improvements


  • Battle music has become dynamic – this is a first for Total War. The battle music itself will now actually respond and adapt directly to game events such as routing, generals deaths, charging, siege point attacks and so on…
  • The Carthago Nova (Nordic Port A/ Small) battle map was flooded, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed some very rare areas on the Grand Campaign map, that would generate battles with pink sky when fought on.
  • Fixed a water plane which appeared above the ground in a land battle generated near the coast to the south of the Duin settlement.
  • In the Nordic Port B Minor settlement, a barricade was placed facing into the centre of the city, instead of facing outwards. This has now been corrected.
  • Units will no longer run underground when fighting battles around the Nile Delta.
  • Appropriately sized siege towers will now be used in siege battles against Rome/Ravenna in The Last Roman campaign.
  • Improved the look of the outfield in the Siossons Historical battle.


  • When the Roman Expedition in The Last Roman Campaign is attacked by a garrisoned army while besieging a settlement, and wiped the garrison out, The Roman Expedition would be forced to capture the settlement and therefore become separatists. The player is now given a choice, whether they want to occupy the settlement and become separatists, or reclaim the settlement and remain loyalists.
  • Added a missing reward to 'A Request From Justinian: Amalasuntha' event in The Last Roman campaign.
  • The "Justinian's Support is Ending" warning messages will now appear correctly when playing as the Roman Expedition in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • In the Last Roman Campaign as the Roman Expedition, the Chapter V objective "Frankly My Dear" will no longer require you to loot or sack a number of settlements when you are a loyalist / expedition faction.
  • Roman Expedition objectives to reclaim settlements in The Last Roman campaign will now count regions reclaimed prior to the chapter start.
  • The "Ours By Right" objective for the Ostrogothic Kingdom in The Last Roman Campaign is now completable, and the player no longer has to spend 1000 gold to make 1000 gold back.
  • The Last Roman campaign event 'Plague of Justinian' will no longer trigger in the Grand Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the event message and armies for the Langobards were not triggering in The Last Roman campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where Longbeards DLC units were not receiving unit specific bonuses in the campaign.
  • Updated Langobards victory conditions to enable the player to achieve Divine Triumph in the campaign –note this will not affect existing save games started prior to this patch.
  • Multiple Ybor characters will no longer appear during the campaign when the player owns Longbeards Culture Pack.
  • The Authority, Cunning and Zeal skills now boost the stats of the general unit correctly in Campaign modes.
  • Fixed an issue where the wives of adopted characters would be unable to use political intrigues.

Technical and Performance Issues


  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur in battle when dismounted cavalry units were hit with projectiles.


  • Improved memory handling for event message videos.
  • Fixed a crash upon winning a head to head Multiplayer Campaign against a horde faction.
  • A blank event message which appeared roughly 156 turns into the Visigothic Kingdom / Western Roman Empire Grand campaign, and caused the game to crash when opened has been fixed.


  • Fixed a crash when selecting "Exit to Desktop" from inside the Multiplayer Campaign game on Mac.
  • Fixed a crash on MacbookPro 12.1 Iris 610 which occurred during or shortly after the games intro sequence.

Usability Improvements


  • Made the tooltip text on Spike Traps more accurate during battles.
  • Fixed some Russian audio, where land units were referred to as ships when out of ammo.


  • Gifting regions to The Roman Expedition has been disabled in The Last Roman Campaign in Multiplayer Campaign mode.
  • Improved lighting in campaign portholes.
  • Fixed a typo in the "Defy Antonina" tool tip on the "A request from Justinian - Photius" dilemma in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Added a missing word to the Vandalic Kingdoms Chapter Objective "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Female Priestess' are no longer described with the possessive pronoun "his" when the agent action result "Deceive" is applied to them.
  • Made the "A Request from Antonina: Ioannina - Gades" event text more clear, that it is talking about Belisarius' daughter Ioannina and not any other siblings, In The Last Roman Campaign.


  • Fixed a lock up when the player saved a custom control setup in the Controls options menu, or a Custom Army in Custom Battle Mode.
  • Improved how the game handles a player accepting a multiplayer battle invitation, while they are in a custom battle.
  • Fixed a typo in the Wine building description in the Encyclopaedia.