Korinthos (TWR2-WoS faction)

Map Korinthos.png

Unified under an oligarchical system of government, Korinthos has become rich from trade due to its geographical position.


This wealth has helped Korinthos to launch public construction projects on a large scale and forge colonies as far afield as Sicily. Following a period of tyranny, it allied with Sparta, fighting to repel the Persian invasions as part of the Hellenic League. Although Korinthos supported the Athenians during the Greco-Persian Wars, Athenai’s backing of the rebel colony of Korkyra in its struggle against Korinthian rule has caused hostilities to break out between the two great cities.

A naval confrontation is sure to ensue, so Korinthos will need a strong fleet if it is to deny Athenian naval supremacy. Yet Korinthos’ sizeable citizen army also makes it a dangerous proposition on land, and far more than a mere foil to the expected Spartan battlefield supremacy…

Standing in the industrial shadow of Athens, Korinthos’ export economy suffers. However, its proud maritime heritage makes for well-trained sailors and swifter ships, and the Korinthians’ devout worship of Aphrodite makes for a most abundant population!

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Included in the Wrath Of Sparta Campaign Pack.

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