Heavy Cavalry (STW unit)

Heavy Cavalry
Category: Cavalry
Class: Melee
Soldiers: 60
Weapon Type: Sword 

Main Stats
Honour / Morale      11   
Melee Attack       8   
Melee Defence      13   
Charge Bonus      15   
Armour       6   
Extra Stats
Marching Speed       8   
Running Speed      20   
Charging Speed      24   

Requires: Famous Horse Dojo and Armoury

Mounted Samurai with heavy armour and swords.
These are the feared elite of the Samurai army
and are both highly defensive and utterly deadly.
Only long spears and guns are really effective
against them. Fortunately they are rather slow.

Extra info:
Heavily armed and armoured, these samurai are an
elite. Able to take nearly any enemy and win, they
have the speed, weight and power to be powerful
shock troops when they can come to grips with an
enemy. Relatively speaking, they are less effective
against troops armed with yari (who can hold them
off at a distance beyond the swing of a katana), and
against arquebus-armed ashigaru. “Relatively”,
however, is the key word here. If heavy cavalry are
in close combat against anyone, they will do severe
damage to their opponents.

Heavy cavalry are also well able to defend against most attacks. Nearly all clan armies will include heavy cavalry. They are simply too threatening not to include in an army.

Historically, the Takeda clan made great use of cavalry to deliver a punishing charge in the first few moments of a battle.