Great Ashram (ETW building)

Great Ashram
Category: Religion
Level: 2
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1500
Great Ashram
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Large Ashram

An ashram offers wisdom and learning to all those who come within its walls.

This retreat from the cares of the world is a place of peace and tranquillity, as well as a place of profound learning and contemplation. Not quite a monastery, or matha, an ashram is bound by an informal code of conduct laid down by the religious leader or sage who leads it.

Traditionally, ashrams are detached from everyday concerns, and concentrate on the spiritual development of the students. Some act as schools for children too. Even though they are places of peace, not everyone who makes a pilgrimage to an ashram has peaceful intent. The journey, both internal and external, can teach a warrior much about the business of warfare and some ashrams do offer a form of martial arts training. In the Hindu epic the Ramayana, warrior princes receive weapons training at an ashram.