Governor's Palace (ETW building)

Governor's Palace
Category: Government
Form: Absolute Monarchy
Level: 3
Turns to build: 5
Building cost: 3000
Governor's Palace
Etw eu city government lvl3.png

Governor's Mansion
Etw eu city government lvl5.png

Royal Palace

This magnificent palace is a pale reflection of the monarch’s glory, power and wealth, not those of the governor’s person.

In an absolute monarchy, there is a great chain of authority that stretches down from the monarch’s person even to the lowliest of his subjects. Everyone has a place, sanctioned by time, custom and the approval of the monarch and no one is exempt from the awful majesty of the sovereign’s power. This is especially true of governors away from the royal court. They may rule from marble palaces, but they do so not in their own right but by authority granted from the Crown. If any of them ever forget that the grandeur and luxury that surround them are entirely borrowed, the penalties for personal aggrandisement are terrible indeed. Having been raised up, they have an awfully long way to fall.

In reality, many governor’s residences in absolute monarchies combined luxury (for who was to say when the king would visit?) with enough barracks and stables to house a small army. Absolutism always relied on the concepts of the “rod and the axe” to maintain authority, although by the 18th Century a good stock of gunpowder and a fine collection of artillery did better service.