Garamantians (TWA faction)


“The Garamantians have lived in North Africa for over a thousand years and, though civilisations rise and fall, they remain indomitable and strong.”


Archaeological evidence suggests that they occupied the Fezzen, an area of western Libya, from approximately 1000 BCE. It was not until half a millennia later, however, that they were mentioned by name - Herodotus calling them "a very great nation" and speaking of their well-established position in Africa. The first Garamantian capital was at Zinchecra, from approximately 900 BCE, eventually relocating to a site nearby called Garama, probably due to access to the water supply essential to Garamantian survival.

Since the rise of the Roman Empire, Garamantian raids across its territory have brought swift retribution, with border forts springing up throughout the 3rd century CE to repel incursions. Yet Roman-Garamantian relations were not always acrimonious; both nations had resources the other needed and so the Romans - ever pragmatic - allowed mutually beneficial trade agreements to be reached.

Now, in the dying light of the 4th century, the Garamantians occupy a unique position. From their north African strongholds, they can attack the now-troubled Roman Empire, forging their own path in the west, or strike out into the seas to explore the unknown. The world is changing, yet the Garamantians are poised to seize greatness no matter what!


Morale: +15 when in own or allied territory

Irrigation: +1 fertility bonus in all provinces

-50% conversion time of the main building chain

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