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Total War: Attila - Garamantian FreeLC and Patch details


Free LC - Garamantians

Since the rise of the Roman Empire, Garamantian raids across its territory have brought swift retribution, with border forts springing up throughout the 3rd century AD to repel incursions. Yet Roman-Garamantian relations were not always acrimonious; both nations had resources the other needed and so the Romans - ever pragmatic - allowed mutually beneficial trade agreements to be reached.

Now, in the dying light of the 4th century, the Garamantians occupy a unique position. From their north African strongholds, they can attack the now-troubled Roman Empire, forging their own path in the west, or strike out into the seas to explore the unknown. The world is changing, yet the Garamantians are poised to seize greatness no matter what!

Scourge of the Desert: +15 melee attack during desert battles

Fractured Faiths: Increased public order penalty for religious differences between new religions

Attrition: Immune to desert attrition

Sunscorched: +2 sanitation

For more info on the Garamantians Click Here


  • Fixed a bug causing units in a set stance e.g. spear wall, to drop their stance when engaging with the enemy. The affected units would engage the enemy without remaining in formation, and move away from their stationary location set by the player, ending up in a different location/position to where the player put them.
  • The Paved and Dirt Roads on the Campaign map have been fixed, as they appeared to have white pixelated edges for some users.
  • Fixed an SLI bug, which caused units visibility to be reduced in battle, until they were right up close to the players units.
  • Fixed an issue where the Campaign AI got fixated on chasing a human horde around the map.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer Campaign crash caused by a pop-up appearing before the post-battle UI after auto-resolving a battle.
  • Fix for graphical corruption on ocean surface (flickering) during naval battle, which happened for some Mac players on OSX 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Fixed a bug where in-game movies during Multiplayer Campaign sometimes displayed a grey screen instead of playing.
  • Fixed crash when dragging player slot onto empty army on the Custom / Multiplayer Battle Screens.
  • Fixed some Multiplayer Campaign crashes caused by UI panels.
  • Fixed a UI crash caused by incidents having more than 2 payloads.


All Campaigns

  • When units are being recruited in a sieged settlement, they will continue recruiting, but not become available until the siege is lifted.
  • Fixed a bug where Campaign AI controlled armies would raid their own desolate Region.
  • Fixed a bug where 2 armies under Campaign AI control would break a siege and re-siege the same settlement on the same turn.
  • Campaign AI armies are less likely to leave a settlement unprotected when able to garrison them, and have sufficient forces to protect them. An exception to this is when they are making a last stand on their final settlement, and are overpowered e.g. 10-1.

Grand Campaign

  • Eastern and Western Roman Empires are now prevented from becoming puppets or vassal states right at the start of the Grand Campaign.
  • Added the Parthian shot ability to Alani Horse archers, Grey Hairs and Cataphracts archers.
  • "Lightning doesn't strike twice" bonus for White Huns has been corrected.
  • Removed food penalties from Roman military buildings in Grand Campaign and replaced with Maintenance cost penalties instead.
  • Reduced base siege duration time in Grand Campaign.
  • Reduced base colonisation cost in Grand Campaign.

The Last Roman Campaign

  • It's no longer possible for Roman Expedition in The Last Roman Campaign to break Military Alliance with Roman Empire if Call to Arms is rejected.
  • The Roman Expedition no longer have the option to create puppet states before becoming separatists in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Corrected the "Request from Antonina: Ioannina" event effect in The Last Roman Campaign.
  • Fixed the "Request from Antonina: Photius" event to hide the agent payload and display the A dilemma will soon occur" text.

Age of Charlemagne


  • Big updates to most unit VMDS to improve the visual diversity of units in Age of Charlemagne.
  • New faction ability for the Danes - After a turn at sea their naval transports get a 200% movement bonus which brings their movement in-line with that of navies.
  • New mechanic surrounding the Irminsul building for non-Pagan factions – destroying this unique building when capturing the region that holds it will result in Pagan uprisings across Saxony.
  • When playing as Charlemagne there are new effects to represent Paganisms strong roots in the regions of Saxony during this period.

Difficulty Changes

  • Rebalanced the A.I in Age of Charlemagne campaigns to behave differently with different difficulty levels (such as A.I aggression scaling differently with different difficulty levels).
  • Rebalanced the effects of war declarations and peace deals.
  • Various balancing to help the formation of larger empires and an overall more difficult campaign.

War Weariness Changes

  • War Weariness now scales with difficulties (harder on hard difficulties and easier on easy difficulties).
  • War Weariness is now always displayed and indicates your current percentage
  • Various balancing tweaks for War Weariness, the number of wars you are in is now more influential
  • Updated the icon that shows when War Weariness is at 0.

Story and Feature Events Changes

  • Added brand new event chain when playing as Charlemagne surrounding the “Verdict at Verden”.
  • When playing as Charlemagne, Carloman is now more prone to die in a timely manner to trigger the corresponding succession event chain.
  • The turn in which A.I Charlemagne can form the Kingdom of the Franks is now much more varied owing to his brothers more varied death chance.
  • The Restless Warriors event chain now has a longer mission turn timer given its requirements.
  • The Restless Warriors mission objective text has changed to make it clearer to the player.
  • There are now repercussions for all non-Christian factions who attack the Pope! (Two new events for non-Christian factions who choose to interact with the Pope)
  • Rewards for the Kingdom formation events are now permanent and more rewarding.
  • Much greater reward for successfully becoming the Holy Roman Emperor when playing as Charlemagne.
  • A new Pope should no longer be elected during the Eye for an Eye event chain where Charlemagne is tasked with transporting the Pope to Rome.
  • Fixed some rare instances in which the Pope would not be given as an ancillary during the Eye for an Eye event chain (caused by Charlemagne’s character having too many existing Companion ancillaries).
  • Avar kingdom formation event is now based on attaining a high level leader rather than Imperium.
  • Danes kingdom formation event is now based on sacking a number of settlements rather than Imperium.
  • Cordoba kingdom formation event is now based on attaining a high percentage of Islam in your lands rather than Imperium.
  • Restless Warriors event chain will no longer break if the player chooses to take a region as a reward and region the changes owner.
  • Westphalian “Verdict at Verden” event chain now has more influential effects for all outcomes.

Campaign Changes

  • Added more names to the Muslim, Spanish, Lombard, Frankish, Danish name groups to reduce instances of repeating names.
  • Fixed some mission descriptions in Age of Charlemagne so they match in the objectives panel and event pop-up.
  • Increased public order penalties from tax levels in Age of Charlemagne campaigns.
  • Reduced technology research times across the board.
  • All tier III resource buildings now require technologies to unlock them.
  • Building income adjusted so industrial buildings are more clearly the best but with penalties, and commerce income is generally lower across the board but comes without penalties.
  • Iron resource chain gives lower income than before but a reduction to unit recruitment costs.
  • Garrisons now take 3 turns to starve before they start taking attrition casualties, overall siege length has been kept the same by adjusting garrison attrition rate.
  • Blacksmith building chain now requires the iron resource.
  • Maximum corruption value in Age of Charlemagne reduced.
  • Adjustment to building Imperium points in Age of Charlemagne to slow Imperium gains from construction slightly.
  • Reduced income bonus from higher tier Treasury buildings in Charlemagne.

Battle Balancing Changes

  • Reduced general dead morale penalty from -18 to -12.
  • General died recently penalty from -18 to -15.
  • Morale penalty for 20% total casualties changed from 0 to -2. For 30% total casualties from -4 to -6. For 40% total casualties from -11 to -13. For 50% total casualties from -18 to -20. For 60% total casualties from -25 to -27.
  • Avar Noble Swordsmen, Avar Noble Lancers, Avar Noble Archers all given disciplined attribute.
  • Avar Noble Lancers melee defence changed from 5 to 10.
  • Avar Guard melee defence from 6 to 11, melee attack from 47 to 49.
  • Avar Tribesmen melee attack from 27 to 30, charge from 27 to 32.
  • Avar Horse Archers ammunition reduced from 25 to 20.
  • Iberian Cavalry melee defence from 12 to 7, melee attack from 28 to 38.
  • Spanish Royal Cavalry charge from 43 to 48.
  • Spanish Royal Guard Cavalry charge from 48 to 50, melee attack from 43 to 52.
  • Andalusian Cavalry cost from 650 to 700.
  • Cordoba's Armoured Cavalry cost from 825 to 850, charge from 60 to 55.
  • Umayyad Guard Cavalry charge from 50 to 55, attack from 36 to 41.
  • Frankish Cavalry multiplayer cost to 420.
  • Scola Cavalry attack from 33 to 43, charge from 55 to 60.
  • Palace Guard attack from 27 to 30.
  • Frankish Guardsmen attack from 33 to 43.
  • Paladin Guardsmen attack from 35 to 45.
  • Mercia's Royal Horsemen charge from 70 to 56, melee defence from 25 to 38.
  • Axe and Sword Hirdmen given disciplined attribute.
  • Viking Axemen cost from 400 to 370.
  • Gastald Swordsmen given disciplined attribute.
  • Lombard Skirmishers cost from 230 to 200.
  • Clubs bonus v infantry in Charlemagne from +10 to +12.
  • Lombard Guardsmen defence from 42 to 44, melee attack from 34 to 35.
  • Gastald Cavalry charge from 43 to 57.
  • Gastald Guardsmen charge from 47 to 57.
  • Saxon Scout Cavalry cost from 350 to 400.
  • Saxon Cavalry melee defence from 12 to 10, attack from 43 to 40.
  • Saxon Noble Javelinmen cost from 420 to 450.
  • Sword Veterans and Spear Veterans given disciplined attribute.
  • Seax Band melee defence from 19 to 23.
  • Sax Warriors defence from 19 to 23.
  • Saxon Hearth Cavalry charge from 71 to 69.
  • Removed refill ammo ability for missile ships, crew ammo increased to compensate for this change.

Bug Fixes

  • Lombard's will now correctly receive ancillaries after battle victories.
  • All starting factions can now be liberated once eliminated, will only apply to new save games.
  • Avar Khaganate reward will no longer be displayed twice at the bottom of the mission's page when the mission is complete.
  • Fixed Charlemagne’s sword appearing in his back in battles.
  • Fix for Italian Separatist flag image being too large in some cases.
  • Adjusted tooltip for anti-corruption effects so it is clearer that the value is a percentage reduction of the total corruption percentage.
  • Fix for garrison size decreasing when unit upgrades researched.
  • Fix for Kingdom of Brittany garrisons being double sized.
  • Fix for morale bonus from political offices not being applies correctly.
  • Siege workshops and blacksmiths can now be built in same settlement in Age of Charlemagne.
  • Fix for Asturias being unable to liberate factions in Age of Charlemagne.
  • Fix for main building chain cultural conversion cost issue in Age of Charlemagne.
  • Fixed several smaller event chains and effects in Age of Charlemagne campaign.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI implied that ruined buildings in Age of Charlemagne needed to be converted, with a red triangle warning. These buildings no longer need to be converted so the red triangle warning is no longer displayed.
  • Fix for wrong longship transport being used in Age of Charlemagne, which resulted in some soldiers not fitting onto ships.
  • Adjusted name of civil war factions in Age of Charlemagne.
  • Removed refill ammo ability from missile ships in Age of Charlemagne campaign, increased units base ammo to compensate for this change.

Alans Update Changes

Fixed issues from this forum thread:

- Fixed the issue with the Grey Hair bow's disappeared

- Fixed the issue with the Alani garrisons, where level 1 cities have 3 units, level 2 -> 12 and level 3 -> 6 units.

- Fixed the issue with Sarmatian's Warband's precursor weapon disappeared.

- Fixed the issue where Alani Horse Archers had the wrong rate of fire.

- Alani horse archers melee attack skill now scales as follows: 11 -> 15 -> 23 -> 30

- Added missing shield bosses to Alani units e.g. Sarmatian Heavy Cavalry and Alani Heavy Cataphract.

Alani Balancing Increased the flying wedge bonus vs cavalry from +30 -> + 40

Alani Mounted Tribesmen

Reduced cost from 650 -> 500.

Gave them medium instead of small shields.

Increased morale 54 -> 60.

Increased health 195 -> 215

Gave them the attribute Expert Charge Defence.

Alani Mounted Veterans Reduced cost from 800 -> 700

Gave them large instead small shields.

Increased morale 54 -> 70

Increased health 220 -> 245