Fur Trader (ETW-WC building)

Fur Trader
Category: Fur
Level: 0
Turns to build: 2
Building cost: 750
Fur Trader
Etw na resource tpost lvl02.png

Fur Trading Post

With the desire for furs ever increasing, trading in them is a lucrative business.

Trading in fur can often be a long-winded affair until the final customer is reached, as moving furs from the wilderness relies heavily on finding river routes to transport them. The use of wooden canoes allows the furs to be sent great distances in a much shorter time than if they had been sent by land.

Historically, many European outsiders that became 'woodsmen' actually took up the native way of life, adopting their clothing, lodgings and customs. Some married native women, thus creating bonds to the tribe that came with the benefit of free and easy trade.