Fourth Day of Festag

On the fourth day of Festag...

..we have some Orc concept art to give you!

Grn orc shaman .png

Here is some concept art for the Race of Greenskins. This is not final exact game art, just a behind the scenes Festag treat!

"Orcs vary in size, but all pack a great deal of muscle, bone and few brains into a green, hairless body as tall as a man, but substantially broader. They have thick skulls, elongated jaws and tusk-like teeth. An Orc's protruding brow partially conceals his glowering eyes, which blaze red when he is angry - most of the time, in fact.

"Their tough green hides vary in shade depending on age or even climate. They are brutes and louts of the first degree, insensitive to pain (and higher thought). Orcs single-mindedly pursue what they want, and what Orcs want most is to fight. If there are no enemies immediately to hand, the overly belligerent Orcs will readily scrap amongst themselves.

"Greenskin armies are bewilderingly varied and wholly unpredictable, but the one surety is that nowhere is safe from their attacks for long..."

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