Fishing Fleet (ETW building)

Fishing Fleet
Category: Port - Fish
Level: 1
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 900
Fishing Fleet
Fishing Fleet
Middle Eastern
Fishing Fleet
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Local Fishery
Etw eu port fishing lvl3.png

Major Fishery

A deep sea fishing fleet can bring in a larger catch than inshore boats. Most of the catch has to be salted or pickled for return to port.

Salting relies on preserving the caught fish in dry salt in barrels or boxes. This is the method favoured by many fishermen along the North African coast. Pickling preserves the catch in brine (sea water with even more added salt). In both cases, the salt stops any fungus or other rot setting in, and may even improve the taste of the fish, although the fish will need to soak in fresh water before it can be cooked.

All of this preservative work is required because the fleet ranges far out to sea for days at a time, looking for big shoals of fish. The cargo can take weeks to reach port, and even longer to reach inland markets, and if salting was not used the catch would be both disgusting and lethal to anyone eating it!