First Day of Festag

On the first day of Festag...

..we have some in-game event pictures to give you!

Another Dwarf hero is laid to rest in the halls of his ancestors, another grudge is recorded in the Dammaz Kron – The Great Book of Grudges.

Wh grn diplomacy.png
Negotiating with an Orc War Boss is a nerve-wracking affair. Sudden bloody violence is always his preference, a fact unlikely to be tempered by the Goblins who dare to whisper sly council in his ear.

It’s always good to celebrate with a little glass of something red when something good happens… or something evil…

The Empire is a state ringed with enemies. Her cities are rare points of light, flickering like candles in a field of utter darkness, and sometimes even those flames flare brightly before being snuffed out.

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