Factions in Rome: Total War

Factions are the people you'll lead to greatness, glory and a mighty empire! Different factions start on different parts of the world map and have their own strengths and foibles. When you first start to play, you can only select one of the Roman factions, but others will become available in later games.

If you’re playing as one of the Roman factions, the Brutii, Julli or Scipii, the basic victory condition for the game is to conquer Rome and much of the world. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ll find yourself fighting against the forces of the Senate and the other Roman factions.

If you’re playing as any other non-Roman faction, the basic victory condition is very simple: conquer the world!

Playable factions

• The House of Julii

• The House of Scipii

• The House of Brutii

• Carthaginians

• Egyptians

• Britons

• Gauls

• Germans

• Macedonians

• Kingdom of Pontus

• Seleucids