Event format



Map Small Thermopylae.png

  • The first map is inspired by the famous mountain pass in which a small and clearly outnumbered Greek army under the leadership of King Leonidas and his loyal Spartan Warriors took a stand against the Persian forces under the King of Kings Xerxes I.
  • A massive mountain overlooks the battlefield in the south. You can take the quick path over the mountain or cross the woods north of it. Either way it will be hard to predict what awaits on the other side and speed is of the essence.
  • Closest to the shore you’ll find the Hot Gates, the narrow mountain pass made famous by the last stand of the 300. Going through the Hot Gates is always a risky endeavour, but if your side manages to take it, the way to the enemy camp and the rear of the enemy army on the main battlefield will be there for the taking.
  • The main battlefield can be found on the plain in the centre of the map. While the north side provides you clear view on the Hot Gates, players can use the woods in the south for ambushes with lighter units and skirmishers.


Map Small Salernum.png

  • Half of the map is dominated by the city of Salernum. Its streets and alleyways give ample opportunities to ambush enemy troops and provide cover from ranged attacks.
  • The main road is the fastest way between the two camps, but taking it means exposing your units to missile attacks and ambushes.
  • This makes taking the watch tower in the middle of the map an important objective as it gives a massive bonus to sight to either side that can control it.
  • A slower but less obvious way to the opposing camp leads through the woods north of the city. It's perfect for carefully planned surprise attacks and ambushes.


Map Small Marathon.png

  • Both camps are difficult to access - The western camp lies behind a river while the eastern camp is covered by a swamp in the north. Each team has a watchtower that amplifies sight over both camps. Keeping control of these is important to anticipate enemy movements and to coordinate your own attacks.
  • A hilly network of paths lead from each teams camp to the other and a thick forest in the south offers cover for sneak attacks and light troops.
  • The variation in surface, sight and cover means that using the correct units in the right place at the right time will be extremely important, in some instances even more so than on the other maps.

The fourth map will be revealed at the event on Saturday 23rd May at the Total War: ARENA Live Alpha Event.