England (M2TW-K-BC faction)

Game: Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms
Culture: Northern European

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Opening map

Starting position


  • London - Large city (Capital)
  • Arundel - Castle
  • Athenry - Wooden castle
  • Cardiff - Large town
  • Carlisle - Village
  • Canterbury - Large town
  • Chester - Town
  • Derry - Large town
  • Dublin - Large city
  • Gloucester - Castle
  • Lancaster - Castle
  • Launceston - Town
  • Lincoln - Village
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne - Large town
  • Norwich - Large town
  • Nottingham - Fortress
  • Oxford - Minor city
  • Shaftsbury - Wooden castle
  • Shrewsbury - Town
  • Trim - Castle
  • Winchester - Large town
  • York - Minor city




The decisive leadership of past Kings and nobles has won England control over much of the British Isles. The price of their successful expansion however, is the resistance which now grows amongst the people they have subjugated, and of more concern from within their own ranks.

Many Welsh people living under English rule are becoming increasingly insubordinate. Self declared King of Wales, Llywelyn, who is also leader of the organized Welsh resistance, is a man the English would surely like to deliver a quick death to, in the hopes of quashing his rebellion before it gains further momentum. Should the situation erupt into all out war, the Welsh mastery of the Longbow will be something of a concern for the English as they will need to counter its range and power with plenty of heavy infantry.

Across the Irish Sea, Brian O’Connor, the man recently elected King of Ireland by his fellow chieftains, has emerged as a serious threat to English interests in Ireland. England’s armoured spearmen are able to negate the powerful Irish cavalry; never the less the English should not underestimate the armies of Ireland.

To the north, Scotland remains a considerable power, one which is currently able to cause England the most damage should they choose to attack, however this is not likely an immediate threat as King Alexander is married to Henry’s daughter Margaret. The Scottish people also have their hands full dealing with Norwegian Vikings. These same Vikings are of little immediate concern to England, that is however unless they attempt to recreate the journey their ancestors once took and look to recapture York. Should they decide to invade, they will find the English people are much more organised and powerful than they used to be.

Perhaps the greatest concern for the English King at present is the growing unrest amongst the powerful English barons, who have recently been spurred on by the traitorous actions of Simon de Montfort. The English King must ensure public order remains high in his settlements whilst looking to put down the untimely rebellions of the Welsh and Irish peoples.

Total control of Britannia is within grasp of the English people, it would be a shame to see them falter as they are so near to achieving their goal.


Armoured Swordsmen

Boasts strong heavy infantry.


Fields a poor variety of cavalry.

Campaign rules


Hold 46 regions. Eliminate factions: Wales


Hold 35 regions, including: London, Caernarvon, Edinburgh, Dublin. Eliminate factions: Wales

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