Drill Dojo (STW building)

Drill Dojo

Requires: Produces:
  • Palace             

It doesnt produce units.

Adds bonus to rallying of troops.            

The Drill Dojo specialises in training units to higher levels of efficiency and discipline.

Extra info:
The training of soldiers is more than just imparting skills to an individual. Soldiers must be taught how to fight as a coherent group in order to get the best from them, and all armies have developed their own form of drill in order to instil this group cohesion and discipline. Although formalised, drill is usually based on the most practical methods of weapons handling when in a group. After all, when a large group of people are all wielding long spears, they had better think and move as one, or chaos will be the end result!

A Drill Dojo allows the castle where it is located to produce units with improved discipline. It requires a Palace to be in the same location.