Credits (STW)

From Shogun: Total War - Gold Edition


The Creative Assembly

Project Director
Mike Simpson

The Production Team

A. P. Taglione (Tag), Matteo Sartori, Shane O'Brien, Dan Parkes, John McFarlane, Dan Laviers, Dan Triggs, Charlie Dell

Jodd Adley, Howard Rayner, Greg Alston, Ester Reeve, Nick Smith, Al Hope, Nick Tresadern, Jude Bond

Supporting Roles

Project Management
Mike Simpson, Luci Black, Ross Manton, Tim Ansell

Q.A. Manager
Graham Axford

Chris Morphew, Jeff Woods, Jason Ong, James Buckle

Historical Research
Dr. Stephen Turnbull

Dialog & Additional Content
Mike Brunton

Scenario Editing
Tony Sinclair

Motion Capture

Lead Technician
Alan Ansell

Editing & Processing
Greg Alston, Leonor Juarez

Motion Capture Actors
Angela Kase, Emmanuel Levi, Daley Chaston


Jeff van Dyck

Audio Management
DNA Multimedia Audio -

Sound Effects
Sam Spanswick @ GMD, Karl Learmont @ GMD, Jeff van Dyck

Movie Post-Production
Jeff van Dyck, Angela Somerville

Audio Director
Jeff van Dyck

Casting & Voice Production
Philip Morris @ AllintheGame Ltd

Voice Actors
Togo Igawa, Eiji Kusuhara, Daniel York, Simon Greenall, Kentaro Suyami

Public Relations
Jason Fitzgerald, Cathy Campos @ Panache PR

Dreamtime Interactive

Executive Producer
Michael de Plater

Internet Manager
Richie Skinner

Legal Affairs
John McIntyre

Associate Producer
Ben Greer

Alan de Plater, Norm Fricker, Malcolm Greer, Mike Noble, Geoff Lees, Ray Grigg, Robert Bradfield