Cobbled Roads (ETW building)

Cobbled Roads
Category: Roads
Level: 1
Turns to build: 3
Building cost: 1500
Cobbled Roads
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Basic Roads
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Metalled Roads

These are hardwearing roads paved with small stones, able to take much heavy traffic.

Building a cobbled road is an incredibly laborious business. Each small paving stone must be shaped, placed and mortared into position. If done properly, the road also requires foundations, a careful camber to carry away rain water, and extensive drainage on either side. The end result is a fine road that is extremely durable, but not entirely comfortable for carts, carriages or foot traffic: cobbles can be hellishly bumpy!

Historically, the expense of cobbles, and the fine-looking result of cobbling a street, meant that they were often only used in or near towns or for high-status routes where the great and the good could not be expected to wallow in the mud like poor people. Cobbles, however, did serve the poor in another way: they were the perfect size for rioters! Levered out of place, they were the ideal thrown weapon (along with the half-house brick or “brickbat”) for a bit of informal remonstrating with any nearby unwelcome representatives of law and order.