Coalition Battle Pack

Release: 5 May 2010

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The Coalition Battle Pack features 6 brand new units and contain the Battle of Friedland fought between France and Russia.

Battle Description: The Battle of Friedland (14 June, 1807)

With Napoleon's empire at its height, he took a chance and defeated Russia in detail, knocking them out of the war and bringing the Fourth Coalition to an end.

Unit Descriptions:

Lifeguard Hussars (Russia) — This fast light cavalry unit is best used for dealing with skirmishers and artillery who can attack from long range.

Coldstream Guards (Great Britain) — Disciplined, well-trained and respected, these elite foot guards inspire nearby troops in battle.

Archduke Charles' Legion (Austria) — This highly-disciplined line infantry regiment excels at weapons drill and accuracy.

Luetzow's Freikorps (Prussia) — Swift light cavalry, the riders of Luetzow’s Freikorps are excellent in melee and on the charge.

Life Hussars (Prussia) — Sabre-armed light cavalry, the Life Hussars are powerful on the charge and effective in melee combat.

Semenovski Lifeguard (Russia) — Immaculately turned out, these elite guards have excellent morale and are superb when used against skirmish troops and artillery.