Byzantine Guard Archers (M2TW unit)

Byzantine Guard Archers
Byzantine Guard Archers
Category: Infantry
Class: Missile
Soldiers: 48
Morale: 9
Discipline: Normal
Training: Highly trained
Recruitment cost: 710
Upkeep cost: 175
Weapon upgrade: 90
Armour upgrade: 70

Byzantium Guard Archers are well trained missile troops equipped with composite bow, sword, mail and a shield.

Primary weapon: Composite bow (Missile)
Attack: 9
Charge bonus: 3
Range: 160
Ammunition: 30
Secondary weapon: Sword (Melee)
Attack: 11
Charge bonus: 3
Total defence: 16
Armour: 5
Defence skill: 8
Shield: 3
Hit points: 1

Byzantine guard troops are financed by the Emperor himself and unlike many Byzantine units consist purely of Greek troops. Skilled in the use of the composite bow, these troops issue a challenge to all Byzantium's enemies at range. Also equipped with a sword and wearing mail, the Guard Archers can withstand more combat than many other missile units.


Can board ships
Can hide in forest
Can withdraw

Available for:

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