Burial Ground (ETW-WC building)

Burial Ground
Category: Culture
Level: 0
Turns to build: 2
Building cost: 500
Burial Ground
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Ancestral Grounds

A sacred site where a tribe can honour its fallen warriors for all time.

A wide variety of burial customs are observed. Some believe that the air is important to the passing of their loved ones. Thus wooden scaffolds are created and the dead placed on top, so their spirit may pass into the wind. Others believe the spirit must be kept with the body after death and thus build ‘spirit houses’ to trap the spirit. These little wooden structures can take many forms, some even look like miniature houses standing over the body.

Burial rites are often closely tied to tribal totems: eagle-related tribes, for example, always place their dead on scaffolding. A bear totem tribe often buries the dead in wooded areas, and so on.