Boiotian League (TWR2-WoS faction)

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Occupying a position of strategic importance on the Gulf of Korinthos, Boiotia has strong frontiers and trade connections across the region.


Thebai, its predominant city and capital of the Boiotian League, was a religious confederation at first, but is now chiefly concerned with mutual defence. The city’s surprising support of Persia during its second invasion caused Thebai's temporary displacement as the League’s leader, before perceived Athenian imperialism led to its reinstatement by Sparta.

Ten years of Athenian occupation followed before the Boiotians won their independence at the Battle of Coronea. Despite a negotiated peace, the reformed Boiotian League's enmity towards Athenai continues unabated. Now, fuelled by its rival's interference in Korinthian colonial matters, the Boiotians are poised – along with its allies Sparta and Korinthos – to end Athenai's empire-building once and for all!

As a sworn rival to Athens, Boiotia suffers in its diplomatic relations with the pro-Athenian tribes of Ionia. However, it’s newly returned pride and sense of stature in the world drives its warriors to great acts of heroism on the battlefield.

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Included in the Wrath Of Sparta Campaign Pack.

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